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Platinum End 5 - Japanese Edition / Takeshi Obata / Tsugumi Ohba (Shueisha)

Platinum End 5 - Japanese Edition / Takeshi Obata / Tsugumi Ohba (Shueisha)

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[Product information]

Product name: Platinum End 5 - Japanese Edition / Takeshi Obata / Tsugumi Ohba (Shueisha)

Author: Takeshi Obata / Tsugumi Ohba

Publisher: Shueisha

ISBN: 4088810090

"What I see ... idiot s high daddy Yeah ..." reportedly have been thought to tomorrow confinement, Saki was finally taken a step. Rather than in the presence of only protected, because fight together, determine the "wings", but ... !? On the other hand, but Rokukaido to fight the remaining time for the beloved family, sickness will continue to ensure that undermine the body. In addition, it will be kidnapped sudden family to someone ... !?


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