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ONE PIECE Smartphone Cover (JUMP SHOP)
ONE PIECE Smartphone Cover (JUMP SHOP)
ONE PIECE Smartphone Cover (JUMP SHOP)
ONE PIECE Smartphone Cover (JUMP SHOP)

ONE PIECE Smartphone Cover (JUMP SHOP)

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[Product information]

Product name: ONE PIECE Smartphone Cover (JUMP SHOP)


Size: Length of about 210mm × horizontal 115mm × thickness 17mm

Material: [Body] The main materials: ABS, PVC, nylon, aluminum, steel

※ This product will keep the waterproof only to ensure the sealed state.

Damage such as a human body, smartphone body data in this product please use ※, for the damage, we can not assume any responsibility.

※ Before using this product, be sure you read the "How to install the" "flooded confirmation method" contained herein, please go to flooded sure there is no water leakage in accordance with the procedure.

※ buoyancy measure of this product is about 300g. Buoyancy exceeds the weight of the guideline might not be secured. Please check before you use.

※ It does not correspond to the screen operation in water.

※ product photography is the development sample. The actual product may vary.

JAN: 4530430296132

Screen operation, photography, call OK! Appeared waterproof case floats on water "DIVAID" is!

Always together and jump character to ♪ perfect pool and the sea in the summer season!

Since can also be used in the bath, also to or watch the animation in the smartphone ◎!

The unique floating structure, even if you were falling water in the water, you can prevent the loss by float on the surface of the water.

Also boasts a high waterproof to withstand about 30 minutes at a depth of 20m.

- international standard waterproof and dustproof performance of the "IP68 equivalent to" the highest standards

- is still in its case screen operation and photo shooting and call OK

- carabiner, with a neck strap, style freedom or over from the neck or attached to a belt loop

- with floating function

- water temperature 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃

[Please check the size of a smart phone you have]

Corresponding screen size: length of about 150mm × horizontal 72mm below

Holds Size: Length of about 160mm × horizontal 80mm × thickness 10mm or less


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[Import tax]

In case of bulk purchase, we may ship each item in a separate box to avoid your import tax. However, tariffs may be incurred if the price of one item exceeds the value of US$100(Kindly please check the law in your area for detailed import tax conditions). Also, please understand that import tax may be incurred even if we ship in small lots. The law stipulates that import tax are the responsibility of the purchaser.

*This product is a parallel export product purchased in the Japanese market. We do not sell any pirated products. Please have a relaxing shopping experience.