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Mission: Yozakura Family 1 - Japanese Edition / Hitsuji Gondaira (Shueisha)

Mission: Yozakura Family 1 - Japanese Edition / Hitsuji Gondaira (Shueisha)

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[Product information]

Product name: Mission: Yozakura Family 1 - Japanese Edition / Hitsuji Gondaira (Shueisha)

Author: Hitsuji Gondaira

Publisher: Shueisha

ISBN: 4088821785

The high school students - Choya sun of the ultra-shy to speak is going to see cherry blossoms at night Mutsumi just one of the childhood friend. But Mutsumi the daughter of spy family following generations, and means that the sun has taken for the brother of the extreme of the system controller is protect Mutsumi and started to move it! Itself to the sun exclusion!?


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