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WSJ Illustration BOX

WSJ Illustration BOX is launched!

For all WSJ fans! Don't miss this service!! This is the first and only service in the world! Limited to 50 members, our special service has started! Get every Weekly Shonen Jump's Cover and Color Illustration, by only €44,99 or $49.99 per month!


What's WSJ Illustration BOX?

It's our unique service for whole WSJ fans. You can get every Weekly Shonen Jump's cover and color Illustrations. You have to only pay €44,99 or $49.99 per month.


What's included in each month box?

1. Every cover Illustration of WSJ for one month: 3-5 covers
2. All color pages' Illustration for one month: 20-24 pages
3. Extra items (depending on the issues)
4. Our special GIFT for WSJ fans!: JUMP Character's goods
5. Special Binder

- Sample WSJ Illustration BOX for one month -

Sample of Special Binder for WSJ Illustration BOX
*Sample of extra items
*Sample of extra items. Not included Picture frame for illustration

*Sample of Character's goods 

When will arrive Boxes every month?

1. After you register, we start to prepare your first box. In this box, the issues published after your registering will be included.
2. We ship your first box at the beginning of next month. Usually it takes 15 days to delivery.
3. From second month your payment starts, and  we ship your WSJ Illustration box at the beginning of every month.


How many issues are shipped each month?

This service send you illustrations clipping for a month. WSJ is issued 3-4 issues per month, and 50 issues annually.


How is the payment working?

Paid automatically by PayPal every month.


Special offer only for now: FREE TRIAL TERM

Get the first box for free. Your payment starts from 2nd month.



Register as €44,99 / month

Register as $49.99 / month


Do you have a question?

Please feel free to send us a DM!

Twitter: @JPCoolCulture