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What is POSCA?

Water-based paint marker can be used on all surfaces and has countless applications

Write, draw, paint, decorate, mark
POSCA PC-5M’s medium bullet tip is ideal for artists and creative professionals such as architects, creative crafts hobbyists for scrapbooking, for interior design amateurs, surfers and skaters, and of course for children.

POSCA Philosophy
POSCA Water-Based Paint Markers manufactured by Mitsubishi Pencil can be used on all surfaces and have countless applications.

POSCA is the marker reference for artistic creation, creative hobbies, marking and signing.

Since 1983, POSCA markers have enjoyed a continued success and recognition among urban arts communities. Today, the POSCA website presents a selection of artists with particular styles and offers creative experiences which are accessible to all. POSCA's aim is to encourage an art process in order to create an artists community, introduce the public to the latest creations and stimulate tomorrow's creativity.