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ONE PIECE magazine vol. 6 - Japanese Edition / Eiichiro Oda (Shueisha)

ONE PIECE magazine vol. 6 - Japanese Edition / Eiichiro Oda (Shueisha)

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[Product information]

Product name: ONE PIECE magazine vol. 6 - Japanese Edition / Eiichiro Oda (Shueisha)

Author: Eiichiro Oda

Publisher: Shueisha

ISBN: 4081022755

● "ONE PIECE" and thoroughly enjoy entertainment magazine, Vol.6 delivery! ● cover illustration & special color illustrations draw down of Oda Eiichiro teacher! Special theme of color illustrations "a piece of a dream", the large the Arekore surrounding "Wano Country Hen" of the hottest variety of planning even if you were ability's Zorro is "fruit of Gomugomu" ... !? ● WJ this magazine Special! Round-table meeting "Special Wano Country" ● gorgeous actors talk about hot feelings of 20 years! "TV animation 20th voice actor roundtable discussion Vol.1 Mayumi Tanaka × memorial straw Yuriko Yamaguchi × Cho" ● up-and-coming young actress, Makoto Tanaka is transformed into Nico Robin of Baroque Works era! "PIRATES OF GRAVIAN" Makoto Tanaka ● "ONE PIECE" in an interview that connects the bonds of fan appeared Kengo Nakamura players of Kawasaki Frontale! "Friend line" Kengo Nakamura ● hit interview to GReeeeN who was in charge of live attraction theme song of Tokyo Piece Tower! Picture book to play in the "Funauta diary" GReeeeN ● parent and child! "The Adventures of ONE PIECE picture book Luffy" (Tokitashion) ● serial novel that reveal the past of Trafalgar Law! This image illustrations Kim Jongi in charge who are active in the world! "ONE PIECE novel LAW" Episode 3 (Akinari Sakagami) ● popular YouTuber and collaboration comic "ONE PIECE" special business trip! "Fischer's × ONE PIECE 7 large Treasures of the joint" business trip version (fat alley Semimaro) ● article that was in addition to the theme of the gang of straw also is packed! All that is "ONE PIECE" one book !!


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