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In short, it is a character pictorial book of "ONE PIECE".

In the first place, "VIVRE CARD" is an item that comes out in the work, also known as "paper of life", and if you have this piece of paper, it is a guideline that points the direction of "paper holder" wherever you are Something like.


How to use VIVRE CARD?

In this picture book, a character introduction is drawn for each page. The contents were quite substantial, and there were new discoveries. (Nami seems J Cup!)

I thought it was interesting that, according to the nature of such a bible card, one page and one page are separated, and they can be freely rearranged.

The "starter pack" that has been released this time mainly contains only the straw and the characters that appear in volumes 1 and 2. In the future, characters will be added as "expansion packs" every month.

"Please collect your favorite characters without collecting them all" is the thought of the producer and Mr. Eiichiro Oda.

For example, you may be able to buy only the episodes you like. Leaving only your favorite characters, it may be interesting to arrange in the order of "My strongest character".

In the case of me, it may be that I collect only "Afro Chara". (I can only think about Mr. Guymon and Mr. Cromerimo)

I think the greatest attraction is the ability to enjoy each of these people.


How is the correct arrangement of ONE PIECE "VIVRE CARD"?

It is this "VIVRE CARD", but there is a comment of the author, Mr. Oda, saying, "Collect only what you like, arrange it as you like, and create your own ONE PIECE Encyclopedia."

It turns out the fact of surprise

However, a certain fact turned out.

Take, for example, the picture above. "0020 Ben Beckman" and "0022 Makino".

During this time, the character page of "0021" should be added, but it does not exist even if you search for a lineup.

In fact, "0021" was here. So-called "extra" page called "EX CHARACTERS". I was neglected because I thought it was a bonus, but in fact, the characters listed here are also numbered.

In the middle "MIKIO ITOO", firmly "0021" is engraved. (Chinami “MIKIO ITOO” is a colleague of Oda-sensei in the “Ruro-ken” assistant era “Model by Mikio Ito”)

In other words, it turned out that there was no "0021" in page units, and that "the missing tooth feeling" could not be wiped from now on.

Ah, this is weird!

So, if it's better to boldly quit the order of numbers and consider a new arrangement here ...

And at the same time, I notice a secret hidden in this "VIVRE CARD".

What is a hidden secret?

That means that the background color of each character is different!

No, there are those who say, "I know!" I'm sorry. But, in myself, it was a good shock.

And because it seems that there is a meaning to the color properly, when I classify it while putting it together for each color ...

It has become a rainbow! !

Probably, the definition of each color is as follows.

◆ Red: A straw of straw

◆ Dark Red: Four Emperors → Red Hair Pirates

◆ Momo: Big Mum Pirates

◆ dark orange: Kingdom officials

◆ light orange: other pirates

◆ Cream: White Beard Pirates

◆ Yellow: the worst generation

◆ Green: People involved in the road (people without bases or former pirates)

◆ Blue green: Tenryuto

◆ Light blue: people involved in the road (people with a base?)

◆ Blue: Navy related

◆ Purple: Revolutionary Army

Deep Purple: World Government Related

◆ Black: A blackbeard

Ash: Other creatures

If it arranges with this, it is quite comfortable. It was fine too. In the future, we will aim to complete in this way!


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