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The famous scene of "Detective Conan: The Fist of the Blue Sky" comes with a film-style clear bookmark for the Sunday S

In the Shonen Sunday S July issue (Shogakukan) released on May 25 today, the appendix "Nature scene clear bookmark" of the theater animation "Detective Conan Fist of Konjo" is enclosed.

For film-like clear bookmarks, six famous scenes of characters who showed an active part in Kaito Kid, Kyogokushin and Sonoko Suzuki and others are printed. Try cutting it apart and putting it in your favorite book. Also, in this issue, a questionnaire project in which the staff members of "bituminous fist" tell the inside story was also published. In addition, the second edition of the Aoyama Gosho draw-down cover that has been developed in the fourth consecutive has appeared.

In addition, a series of comicalize of the theater animation "The Detective Conan Zero's executioner (Shiko Nin)" released last year has also started. Yutaka Abe and Marudenjiro are making the drawings.

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