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Naoto Takenaka, Fischer's and Ron Monroe guest appearances in the movie "ONE PIECE"

Performed by Naoto Takenaka, Fischer's and Ron Monroe as additional casts of the movie "ONE PIECE STAMPEDE" by Eiichiro Oda.

Following the "ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD" and "ONE PIECE FILM GOLD", Takenaka will appear for the third time in the movie "ONE PIECE". Since it is not revealed in advance what kind of character to play this time, let's watch the movie and confirm it.

Fischer's appears as a Fishers pirate team designed exactly like the members. The post-recordings will be released soon on Fischer's official YouTube channel. Ron, also known as Kuriko's nickname, appears as a female mariner.

The movie "ONE PIECE STAMPEDE" is a road show on August 9. The story is unfolded on the stage of the world's premiere of pirates, pirates, pirates, and the world's pirates.

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