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Manga expansion of the British Museum! On the last show are 3 original drawings drawn by Inoue Takehiko

The opening ceremony of the exhibition "The Citi exhibition Manga" with the theme of Japanese manga, held at the British Museum in London, England, was held on May 21st.

Attending the ceremony are the capital city of Moto Hao, Gengo Takame and other manga artists, and Rieko Akatsuka, a daughter of Fujio Akatsuka and contemporary artist writer Rieko. In addition, it was announced that the original picture which Takehiko Inoue drew down in the "real" motif decorates the end of the exhibition. The original picture is eight times the size of a normal manga manuscript, and a total of three pieces are prepared. In addition, the state of the exhibition in the exhibition hall was also disclosed.

"The Citi exhibition Manga," the largest manga exhibition held abroad, has been held from May 23 to August 26 today. Using the Sainsbury Exhibitions Gallery located in the British Museum as a venue, approximately 50 artists, approximately 70 titles from a total of approximately 240 original and duplicate originals, and drawn works are displayed in six zones. Ru.

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