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"Eva" Rey, Asuka figure reprinted for the first time in seven years, package revamped

"Evangelion-New Movie version" character appearance figure "Rei Ayanami-Plugsuit ver.-: RE" and "Shikinami-Asuka Langley-Plugsuit ver.--RE" will be released from Kotobukiya.

Each of the two is a reprint of a new package of figures created to commemorate the release of "Evangelion: New Movie version: Introduction" and "Evangelion: New Movie version: Break". This is the first time in seven years since the last resale.

The scale is 1/6, and the base is a sculpture of each boarding aircraft. The plug suit finished with a smooth texture by pearl coating, and a clear material was used for the hair to produce a natural sense of transparency. Shapes that capture the character's individuality, such as the ugly look of Rei and the refreshing gesture of lifting up Asuka's hair, highlight their charms.

Both prices are 8580 yen including tax. "Rei Ayanami-Plugsuit ver.-: RE" will be released in October, and "Shikinami-Asuka Langley-Plugsuit ver.--RE" will be released in November.

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